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10 Amazing facts about LDS Leak Detection

1. Non Destructive

Leak Detection engineers use specialised equipment to locate leaks without the need to tear up flooring, rip out cupboards or dig up your garden. The advanced technologies we use can identify leak noises, different heat temperatures, record moisture and permeate most surfaces, including concrete.

So if your plumber can’t find the leak don’t let them start causing damage to your property – contact us and book a professional leak detection engineer, no matter where you are in the country.

LDS Leak Detection

2. 99% Accurate

If you have a leak, it’s more than likely that we’ll find it. The specialised leak detection equipment we use records data and when read correctly by a professional leak detection engineer, it can accurately pinpoint the leak.

3. Pinpoints the leak

With our leak detection methods and expertise, we accurately pinpoint leaks within 1 square metre, so only the area identified needs to be excavated.

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4. Saves time

A domestic leak in your home will only take as much as one day to locate using the correct equipment, saving you time and stress in the long run.

5. Saves money

Using leak detection to identify the leak in one day can prevent water causing more damage to your property and any unnecessary excavations, potentially saving you thousands of pounds!

6. Claim back the cost

Check with your insurance company to see if you are covered under ‘Trace & Access”. If so, you may be able to claim back the cost of the survey.

Correlation Leak Detection

7. Can find leaks from pipes filled with any substance

Whether it’s water, oil or gas in the pipe, leak detection equipment can find the leak. It has also been known to find where a smell is coming from!

8. Detect leaks in all water pipes

We work with internal and external pipework in various properties, including domestic, commercial and industrial ones, whether it’s a leak on the central heating or the hot or cold water mains.

Water Meter Leak Detection

Leak Detection equipment can locate leaks almost anywhere, from flat roofs, leaking doors and window frames. Our engineers use techniques to locate weather related leaks in rain or shine – which is well suited to English weather!

10.  Leaks caused by drainage problems and waste outlets

Blockages can cause leaks in drainage systems and they often go unnoticed. Keeping drains free of chemicals, fats or grease is a safe way to help reduce the risk of leaks but if you do notice a funny smell or water damage, we’re on hand to investigate.

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