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We use our own Specialist leak detection dye to determine leakage and escapes of water from fixed pipework, bathrooms, ceilings, flat roofs, toilets, drains, swimming pools etc. It can also help to identify leaks in voids and cavities. It is a non toxic highly concentrated water soluble dye.

With our specialist leak detection dye it can help us identify water leaks in bathrooms. Shower leaks can be caused by cracked or broken tiles, tile grout, old silicone and with age the waterproofing membrane degrades creating holes, tears and breaks. Our Leak Detection Engineers can determine this cause of leak and pinpoint the area. A leak behind the tiles is most commonly caused by a water pipe leaking. Our Leak Detection Engineers do not need to remove the tiled wall to locate the leak. Using their Leak Detection equipment they can non-destructively pinpoint the leak.

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