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Our Industrial Leak Detection team specialise in finding leaks in Industrial properties nationwide, saving businesses thousands of pounds by finding their leaks. Leaks can cause very high water bills in industrial properties and we have been known to reduce water consumption by half.

Industrial Leak Detection is a non-destructive solution to finding leaks, causing minimal disruption to your business and any unnecessary shutdowns.

Our Industrial Leak Detection engineers use the most modern leak detection equipment available to include thermal imaging, acoustic profiling and tracer gas to accurately locate leaks. We pride ourselves on being ‘The Best in Industrial Leak Detection’ in the industry and have a 99% success rate in locating leaks.

To ensure strict safety procedures are in place we provide both risk assessments and method statements for each individual site. Our Engineers are all trained in health and safety and provided with the right type of Personal Protective Equipment. Our qualified mechanical engineers are employed and trained by Leak Detection Specialists. Each engineer has been CRB checked, will carry I.D. and CSCS cards, wear a company uniform and drive a company van.

LDS senior leak detection engineers have over 30 years experience in detecting leaks in Industrial properties and have trained other people in the industry. They have carried out some of the largest Industrial leak detection projects both here and abroad: Nuclear Power Stations, British Petroleum, BOC, British Gas and MOD.

The Benefits of Leak Detection

  • Non-Destructive Solution
  • Continue business as usual without any disruption
  • Excavation only required where the leak is found
  • The leak can be found to 1 square metre
  • Prevent any further long term damage to the site
  • Curtail your water bill

Case Study ‘Kings Park Village’: Water management coupled with successful leak detection really does work, LDS saved the largest home park in the country £256,000 in 2 years.

Delaying booking a Industrial leak detection engineer to find your leak will only let the problem escalate causing more damage to your business.

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