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The Problem

The client approached LDS Leak Detection Specialists Ltd and was impressed with the knowledgeable & professional response from the UK technical call handler Mark. The client had been experiencing repeated pressure loss on the boiler. A new boiler had been installed yet still the pressure loss continued. This was causing a great deal of disruption in the household as the boiler was regularly cutting off when the system lost pressure. Therefore daily visits to the boiler were required to maintain the pressure sling with it the heating & hot water. The clients heating engineer confirmed that there was an on going leak on the heating pipework which led to the client researching LEAK DETECTION on the internet.

The Solution

Leak Detection Specialists appointed one of their regionally based engineers who attended the property at the agreed day and time. The boiler was checked again to confirm the leak to be on the heating circuit. A combination of methods were used in pin pointing a far from obvious leak site. There were areas of water damaged within the property however these were found to be the end point of the migrating moisture. The whole area where the leak was detected was visually dry & unaffected. Of everywhere in the property the area identified seemed to be a very unlikely area. However based on the readings detected & images taken the leak detection engineer confidently marked the area, despite there being no sign of a leak or leakage. The Result Thermal Imaging noted a few areas of concern as well as evidence of some water damage. Tracer gas eventually traced the leak to the hallway which visually appears to be unaffected.

The area marked was excavated by the clients heating engineers who initially exposed sound heating pipes near to the surface.The areas still appeared to be dry & leak free. A certain amount of doubt set in the minds of the contractors as to the leaks location. Armed with the detailed report & images from Leak Detection Specialists the client insisted that the excavations should continue deeper. At which point some 600 mm from the concrete floor level the leak site was visually confirmed. The solder around an old fitting had deteriorated causing the leak & subsequent pressure loss. The leak site was repaired with no further pressure loss & no further trips to the boiler to maintain pressure in the early hours of the morning.


Leak detection is not a matter of fancy gadgets finding your leak but rather the experience and knowledge that the engineers have using the equipment . Here at Leak Detection Specialists, we pride ourselves on having these skills. With our vast experience, our leak detection engineers will recommend what would be best suited to your application and what type of leak detection equipment is most likely to accurately locate your leak fast.

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