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Learn how a Leak Detection Survey can benefit you and your property.

Non-destructive Leak Detection
Non destructive

Leak Detection is a non-destructive solution to finding your leak.

There is no need to dig up your floor or pull away your kitchen units.  Leak detection equipment is specially designed to find a leak anywhere in your property without causing any damage.

Accurate Leak Detection

Leak Detection can accurately pin point your leak.

Our specialised leak detection equipment accurately pinpoints your leak to within 1 square metre so any excavation is to a minimum when your water pipes are repaired.

Leak Detection Saves Time
Saves Time

Leak Detection saves you time!

Have you had your leak for days, months or even years?  Have you wasted hours with professionals who can’t find your leak?  If you have a pipe leak LDS will find the source of your leak on the day of the survey.

Leak Detection Saves Money
Saves Money

Saves you potentially thousands of pounds.

Delaying finding a water leak can cause further damage to your property escalating the cost of repairs.  It can also save you money on your water bill.

99% Successful Leak Detection
99% Success Rate

Leak Detection Specialists have found thousands of water leaks!

At LDS, our specialised leak detection equipment coupled with our highly experienced engineers helps us maintain a 99% success rate of finding our customer leaks.

No Further Damage
No Further Damage

Prevents further damage to your property.

Whether you can see water damage or not, everyday the water is causing damage to your property.  Finding the source of the water leak will finally stop this damage and any further damage to your property.

No Large Excavations
Avoid Large Excavations

No need to dig up the flood in your house or your beautiful garden.

Large scale excavations are costly, take time and often don’t find the source of the leak.  Our Leak Detection Survey can pinpoint your leak within 1 square metre avoiding the unnecessary stress and expense of large excavations.

Leak Detection Prevents Shutdowns
Prevents Shutdown

Minimal disruption and prevents shutdown.

Water leaks can cause very high water bills in Industrial and Commercial properties and if not found could cause your business to shutdown incurring further costs.   Depending on the nature of your business our survey can be tailored to your business needs with minimal disruption.  Our Commercial Team will discuss a number of choices available to you.

Call us today
Contact us today

Leak Detection is the only non destructive solution to finding a leak accurately.

For a free, NO OBLIGATION Leak Detection Survey Quotation, call our friendly and helpful team on: 0344 809 4968.

We will locate your leak saving you money, time and unnecessary stress.

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