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The Water Board is responsible for the following pipe work:

  • Water mains pipe in the road
  • The stop tap in the road or pavement; and usually
  • The supply pipe from the water main to the boundary of your property
  • The water meter, where fitted.

They have a legal responsibility to maintain and repair any of these pipes.

The Property owner is responsible for the following pipe work:

  • The supply pipe from the outside boundary to your property.
  • Your own stop tap, either located in your garden or inside your house.
  • All the plumbing inside the property, for example, all pipework, water tanks, taps and overflows.
  • If your pipe runs under other properties before it reaches yours, it is still your responsibility.
  • Any issues with your internal plumbing, or any leaks in your front garden or under your drive are likely to be your responsibility to repair.

The property owner has a legal duty to repair leaks on their private pipes under Section 73 of the Water Industry Act 1991. Click here to find out more about water mains leaks.

Water leaks can cause material damage, create additional consumption costs and reduce water pressure.

Before finding water leaks underground and burst mains pipes, we have to determine where the pipe is. Where the water is seen at the surface may not always indicate where the burst pipe is located. Using the latest technology are skilled engineers are able to map the location of your pipes and find the leak.

Water Meter Test

If you are on a water meter and have a high water bill you may have a water leak. You can do a test to see if the water leak is inside or outside of your property.

Locate your external meter – it is usually fitted to the outside stop valve located either in your garden, driveway or footpath. Stop using water in the property – remember to turn off all water-using appliances, such as your washing machine and dishwasher. Turn off the inside stop valve – this can usually be found under the kitchen sink. Take a meter reading, including the digits in the red dials. If the dial is still recording water use, please double check that everything is switched off and there are no toilet cisterns filling up. Leave the stop valve shut and read the meter half an hour later. If the reading has changed, you may have a leak outside of your property between your internal tap and the external tap at your property boundary. If the meter stopped recording then you may have a water leak in your property.

What Leak Detection Specialists can do

L.D.S Leak Detection Specialists provide a water leak detection service to find water leaks in underground water pipes for home owners, business owners, commercial, insurers and plumbers. Using the latest technology our skilled engineers use various methods of leak detection to find a water mains leak with little or no damage to your property. We have engineers all over the country enabling us to provide a fast response.

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