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How do I know if I have a water leak?

It is simple to check yourself, If you are on a water meter, go outside and check the meter is stationary with nothing being used in the property. Before carrying out the check, make sure all loft tanks (if you have any) are stopped and then check the meter. If it is turning even slightly, you may have a mains leak at your property ?

If you are not on a water meter, look out for tell-tale signs of leakage or wastage. Open your main drain manhole and see if any water is running through the main drains without anything being used in the property. It may be that you have a toilet overflowing into the pan that you were not aware of ? Check things like loft tanks if you have them, make sure they are shutting off correctly and are not overflowing, possibly to an area that would be unnoticed like into a gutter downpipe ? Listen out for leakage, sometimes leakage can be clearly heard, especially during quite periods, after dark or perhaps in the middle of the night ? You may hear a slight hissing noise when you are trying to sleep, this could be leakage on-going without you knowing !!

Tips on saving water !

Water is so expensive nowadays so make sure you save as much as you can, you will soon see the pennies back in your pocket before long !!

Turn the water off when brushing your teeth or washing your hands, have a bath instead of a shower, get leaking taps fixed as soon as possible (a dripping tap can waste as much as 1L per hour, that’s enough to fill an average bath in under a week) Check appliances and storage tanks are not overflowing, do the dishes only when you have enough to warrant filling a sink with water etc.

If you feel you may have a leak at your property, feel free to call us now for FREE impartial advice and a quotation on confirming whether you have a leak or detecting any leakage at your property.

Leak detection specialists can help locate the leak quickly and cost effectively before the leakage becomes apparent or causes any hidden long term damage to the property such as rising damp or structural damage that may not even be covered under your insurance policy.

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